• Types of LED Screens

    There are two types of LED panels: conventional (using discrete LEDs) and surface-mounted device (SMD) panels. Most outdoor screens and some indoor screens are built around discrete LEDs, also known as individually mounted LEDs. A cluster of red, green, and blue diodes is driven together to form a full-color pixel, usually square in shape. These pixels are spaced evenly apart and are measured from center to center for absolute pixel resolution.
  • How to buy perfect fit LED Screen ?

    Measure the place you plan to locate the LED screen in length and height , or leave a blank space for the LED screen. Left the other works to us by contact us, we`ll provide you ideas and concepts after a site visit.
  • I wanted to buy a LED display for my business but I have no idea.

    You could try to go through our Facebook or website for getting some ideas. Or tell us more details about your business type, we will design a perfect plan special for you .



  • How to choose the right module for LED?

    Different model of LED provide perfect vision for different distance and different occasion .You have to know where you want to set the LED at and how much, how far the audiences will see the LED.
  • Different between Indoor and Outdoor LED?

    Indoor LED are more likely to have shorter distance between pixel; while Outdoor LED have longer distance and mostly come with cabinet and water proof material protecting each screen.
  • Where can I find some SPARE PARTS?

    With each screen, Led Lite Vision provides a number of spare parts, free of charge, enough to cover any failure due to a normal use. Also, any reparation made within the warranty period will be totally free.
  • Will the light levels decrease over the life of the bulb?

    Yes. They will fade as the bulb gets near the end of its normal operating life. But it is very gradual and hardly noticeable. This is called Lumen Degradation and is denoted on the website as L70. L70 is the amount of time the light takes to get to 70% of the initial lumen output.
  • Do you need permission from the local City Hall?

    Yes. For installing a maxi LED screen it is necessary to ask for the local council’s permission where you are going to place the device. The entities taking charge of this are always local, and therefore it is impossible to define a general regulation, since laws vary according to each government.

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  • What is 'Long-Term Investment Income' ?

    We provide a best investment plan for our clients who are interested in investing on building LED display and renting it as advertising space, The plan will be calculated in detail to ensure the clients investment will grow in the long-term. The investment planning begin from finding areas ( land/building) with high traffic flow that the client have access to and finding the best spot to build a LED display for the investment plan.
  • What is 'Design and Build' ?

    The main expertise that is the focus of the company. We provide the best LED display and design it accordingly to location and according to client’s vision. After getting into an agreement with the client on the LED display structure size and design, we will begin the building process, starting from getting the supply to on site installation. With our team of professionals in various department and knowledge in LED display, we will ensure the client’s vision is realized no matter how complicated it may be.
  • What is '5 years Warranty Exclusive' ?

    Magicdot LED is the 1st in Malaysia to offer 5 years warranty on the LED display exclusively to the clients. We have high confidence with our products as we use higher quality materials compared to our competitors in the market. Should ther be problems on the product we will offer 1 to 1 parts exchange within the warranty period.


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